Whether you require capital or seek performance improvement we are your dedicated partner to accelerate growth, optimize operational expenses and help realize your full potential. We align business strategy with operations driven by data analytics





                    Business Planning

lean six sigma

as consultant we support management teams of small and medium enterprises and large companies to

1. co-create a business plan, with strategic roadmap how to accelerate sales with an efficient and effective expense base

2. get investor ready and develop a financial model with business drivers, capital structure options (incl. identification of profit centers and cash drains) 

3. perform on behalf of banks, investors and shareholder(s) independent business reviews

business planning



                    Performance Improvement

business planning

as project or program manager we maximize value and eliminate waste within the flow of people, goods and cash

our approach is used for improving, optimizing and stabilizing work processes

1. (re)organise your equipment, people and cash around value streams

2. develop an expense reduction program

we deliver data analytics to drive customer satisfaction and productivity, helping you supply products and solutions of outstanding quality, cost efficiently with shorter delivery times

Lean Six Sigma

corporate finance



                     Corporate Finance

as financial advisor of small and medium enterprises and large companies we assist with

1. capital raising : manage the process to raise capital (equity and debt)

2. capital structure : position clients for the future (refinancing, recapitalization or restructuring)


3. M&A and valuation : support the process of a merger, acquisition or sale and determine the fair market value of the company

Corporate Finance