Whether you require capital or seek performance improvement we are your dedicated partner to accelerate growth, optimize operational expenses and help realize your full potential. We align business strategy with operations driven by data analytics



January, 2021

Work Process Optimalisation

Are you interested to drive performance improvement and help you (re)claim your profit zone?

work process optimalisation

November, 2020

Expense Reduction

Are you interested to re-align your expense levels with demand, making your company future proof? 

expense reduction

October, 2020

DMAIC to drive Value Creation

We share a data driven approach used for improving, optimizing and stabilizing business processes, products and services

July, 2020

Lean Scaleup

We share how to use lean principles to scale your business

lean scaleup

June, 2020

Lean Budgeting

Lean budgeting is a method to organize your equipment, people and cash around value streams

lean budgeting

March, 2020

Business Playbook

We share how to survive a business crisis

business playbook

January, 2021

Agile Team Setup

Are you interested to improve communication and collaboration, accelerate growth and drive performance?

agile team setup

November, 2020

Performance Improvement

Is your company interested to drive EBIT with a structured approach to performance improvement?

performance improvement

August, 2020

Agile Lean Business Transformation

Do you strive to supply products and services of outstanding quality and cost efficiently with shorter delivery times?

agile lean

July, 2020

Lean Turnaround

We share how to use lean principles to create value during turnaround process

lean turnaround

May, 2020

Business Restructuring. Back to Business

We share how to manage a soft landing in the new "normal"

December, 2019

Case Study - The Pure Goat Company

How to successfully arrange capital raising

case study the pure goat company

December, 2020

Product as a Service

Are you interested to develop a winning Go2Market proposition with Product as a Service?

product as a service

October, 2020

Capital Raising

Does your company require (growth) capital to realize your full potential? A structured approach how to raise capital

capital raising

August, 2020

Continuous Improvement

Do you desire to accelerate growth? A  continuous improvement culture builds substantial strategic competitive advantage

continuous improvement

June, 2020

Lean Startup

Are you interested how to steer, when to turn or persevere and grow a business with maximum acceleration?

lean startup

April, 2020

Business Restructuring. Call for Action

The show must go on. How to manage your business during a crisis

business restructuring

September, 2019

Case Study - Boomerang Agency

How to improve operating efficiency

case study boomerang